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Annual Picnic 2017

June 24, 2017 at Collinwood Lake Regional Park. Join us for a pork chop dinner and a chance to meet your neighbors on the lake.

Double-crested Cormorant Control

Association President George Kraemer has joined the Lake Washington Association in an effort to limit the explosive increase in DCCO on Pigeon Lake. Meetings with the Fisheries people from Hutchinson and New Ulm have taken place. The USFWS and Minnesota DNR also attended. We believe the DCCO foraging is harming local fish numbers and the DCCO need to be reduced in number. See Lake Washington Association website for links and details.

C.R.O.W Water Quality Study

A water quality study was done to determine the amount of Phosphorus in the Big Swan chain of lakes. This included Collinwood Lake. The Phosphorus entering the lake exceeds Minnesota Standards and the methods used to reduce this influx is now under review.

Phosphorus levels high in Collinwood Lake has current water quality data for Collinwood Lake in the Big Swan study

Annual Picnic 2016

The annual Collinwood Lake Association Picnic is Saturday, June 18, 2016 at noon in the Wright County Collinwood Park Pavillion. Members will receive two dinner tickets with membership fee paid.

Fish Sticks (Fish Habitat Project)

To improve fish habitat and or spawning areas in the lake the association was approved to move forward with the "Fish Sticks"project. Trees were cut down and placed along the shore line and cabled tied to the bank. This allows for trees to be submerged during low water level times which improves areas for the fish to spawn or to provide a safe place from predators. In April the DNR office was out looking at the project and found that there was already small groups of perch eggs on the structures. This may be too soon to tell if the project is successful, but it is encouraging.

2016 Picnic

Saturday June 18, 2016 at noon in Collinwood Park Pavilion