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2021 Collinwood Community Lake Association Newsletter


The Collinwood Community Lake Association (CCLA) strives to maintain and improve the water quality and environment in and around Collinwood Lake. This will provide recreational opportunities today and for future generations. Membership dues enable the association to work with landowners, visitors, and natural resource agencies to provide great fishing, boating, swimming, and camping experiences.


Annual CCLA membership is still only $35.00 per household. Your membership fee also includes two FREE dinners at our annual summer picnic. We hope you’ll join the assoicaion and attend this great event to meet others from around the lake.

Our picnic is scheduled at noon on Saturday, June 23, 2018 in the Wright County Collinwood Regional Park Pavilion.

A delicious pork chop dinner and beverages are provided; please bring a dessert to share. Be sure to park in the lot, NOT on the grass.

Please use the attached registration form to become a member as well as confirm your RSVP for the picnic and to update your directory information. Thank you!


Collinwood Lake’s water clarity improved significantly during the summer of 2015. There are many factors that could have affected the clarity, including rainfall amounts, the installation of Barley Straw in Maple and Silver Creek inlets and good stewardship of our lakeshore owners. New Barley Straw “sausages” were installed again in this year and we’ll carefully monitor water clarity throughout the ice free season. Our water clarity data is sent to the Minnesota PCA, which included it their statewide data base. We continue to educate our lakeshore owners to limit any phosphorus migration to the lake by asking them to install more native plantings at the shoreline and make necessary septic improvements.

The Minnesota DNR is planning another fish survey in July of 2016. Their ongoing surveys are helping us all determine if the Double-Crested Cormorants are negatively impacting fish populations in Collinwood Lake and other area lakes. Our Walleye population has remained strong, but the Perch, Sunfish, Bullhead, and Crappie numbers were low in the last survey. Hopefully their numbers have recovered to historical levels.

We created new signs that will be placed near all three landings to encourage the release of Walleyes under 14". We hope this will enable more fish to grow to a size that is desireable for a delicious meal.

New T-shirts have been ordered and will be available at the Collinwood Park Office and at our annual picnic for $10. Shirts are a light gray color with our Collinwood blue wave logo on the left chest.

During the picnic we’ll review the CCLA’s activites and discuss what actions to take going forward to make our lake’s ecosystem even better. One topic of discussion will be the process that Meeker County Area Lake Association is setting up. The main focus of that group is long-term, shoreline stabilization projects, including stopping the spread of harmful invaders such as Milfoil and Zebra Mussels. The State currently offers significant grant money to aid the work being done to stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species, and Meeker Country Area Lake Association is planning to use their limited grant monies to place monitors at various boat landings. People will be hired to inspect boats entering and leaving their lakes at specified times during the week. There are some concerns about the infrequency of inspections and liability of the association with the people hired to inspect.